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got research?

Good Bye Germ Theory

by William P Trebing

excerpt – chapter 11

Got research!? How much does one need after all you’ve just read? Common sense being what it is, simply by virtue of the fact that vaccines contain one of the most toxic substances known to living cells, MERCURY, should tell you all you need to know. But of course, it goes far beyond this. Many people will go through an adjustment period of denial, where they tell themselves over and over again that all this just can’t be so. This is normal. Let yourself go through the doubt while you keep reading and investigating what you have learned here. It will pass. You may start thinking I am writing this book simply to get rich somehow (what a laugh that is) by defaming the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies. Or maybe I have some deep personal grudge against the medical profession because I am a Chiropractor who just couldn’t cut med school (a bigger laugh). Or maybe yet, I have way too much free time on my hands and nothing better to do. Well, when this finally passes you will then get very angry, especially since you trusted your medical provider who gave your children those very shots that have endangered their well-being. Then you too will want to do something about it and join the cause.

Well, if your nervous system hasn’t been too damaged already by vaccines, you probably have a good understanding that staying up late to finish and update this manuscript is no party. I am a family man with two absolutely beautiful un-vaccinated, unmedicated children to care for, and a beautiful wife of nearly 10 years who goes to bed on her own these nights. I feel the obsessive pull to once again deliver this information to those who can benefit from it . . . . namely you! God asks me to do it (it is never a demand), so I do it. Given the time and capital needed for printing and publishing, I just hope to break even (I have yet to check).

Believe me, I can think of a million things 1 would rather be doing right now. My kids are already fine. Yours are another question.

I travel around my small hometown and see damaged children everywhere. Mind you, it takes a discerning eye to tell they have been dulled by vaccine poisoning at times; but it’s there in mostly all the children I meet. Having two un-vaccinated, un-poisoned children gives me a perspective that makes these signs so obvious. There is a world of difference between vaccinated and non-vaccinated children in appearance, vibrancy, sharpness, alertness, and most obviously from the perspective of physical health. Un-vaccinated children get sick as they are supposed to by nature, and they get over their illnesses far quicker than vaccinated children and develop a natural, lifetime immunity to illness and a strong immune system.

The artificial immunity purported by vaccine advocates is a total sham; it produces nothing but disease and couldn’t even hold a candle to naturally developed immunity. I write this book; I travel and take further time away from my loving family life because I believe this is one of the most important issues of our time, and hardly anyone is speaking up about it. Seeing is believing, and my sole motivation is to show you the truth so your children can heal. I have seen how healthy my children are, and how unhealthy all the other vaccinated children are, and the gap grows wider each year. You need to get yourself and your children off all vaccines immediately, clean up their diets, give them a lot of good quality water and foods, and watch the magic happen. If they’ve had a bunch of vaccines they will most likely go through a detoxification period, but in most cases, the body can bounce back in a short period of time (granted they haven’t been too overly poisoned by vaccines already), especially if you consult the services of a local Naturopath, Chiropractor or other natural health practitioner to aid in the healing process. Oral Proteolytic enzymes can aid in the healing process in most cases. Check with your natural practitioner for dosages and indications.

Research is one of those very very very grey areas of life. If you think you’re smart you always ask for the research. If you don’t think you’re smart you rely on someone else dictating it to you. We make all our decisions based on some form of inquiry or research I suppose, even if it’s as simple as your grandmother telling you I am the best Chiropractor in town and you should come and see me. You trust your grandma, she wouldn’t lie to you, so you come and see me.

You go past 20 Italian restaurants to get to this one across town that has the best marinara sauce you’ve ever tasted. But then one evening you are munching on your ziti and find a used band-aid. What do you do? Do you just forget about it, fling the used band-aid aside and continue to enjoy your meal? Do you ask the waitress to take it back, give you a new entree and simply try to forget about it? Or do you get totally grossed out, want to puke, and never come back?


The point of all this is that it’s totally up to you. There are so many variables to consider sometimes even with the simplest of decisions. At all times, you have to weigh out what’s important; what really matters to you. Yeah, there was a gross used band-aid in your ziti marinara, but you’ve been eating there for 10 years and have never had a problem before. Or maybe the owner is a friend and you say nothing to keep the peace. Or maybe you’re the kind of person that just can’t tolerate anything like that even once. The point is, you take all the information and finally decide what is important to you. With concern to the main subject of this text, what can be more important than your health, or the health of your children? No matter how much you’ve been trained, or better said, brainwashed, to believe in the medical religion of the Illuminati, the fact of the matter is that it is running you and your family into a deep, dark, and deadly ditch that gets worse each year. Take the steps necessary to learn something new. Open your mind to the possibility that you have been lied to for many years about the nature of your body and your environment; that you are not the frail and fragile biological instrument that falls apart every time someone sneezes in your direction. Your body and immune system are a mastery of perfection, and the emperors are truly not wearing any clothes. It’s time you too let them know you know.

This whole idea of “Research” is so ambiguous from the get-go in any present human endeavor, that it’s nothing but a joke, especially pharmaceutical research. Drug companies expect their researchers will find a favorable result for their products. If they want to keep their jobs and grants, anyway. It is extremely rare that a drug company will ask a private research group to conduct testing on any of their products, and as far as I am aware this has never been done with vaccines. Private research groups have done many studies on vaccines, but the capital for such endeavors has always come out of their own pockets. These are the groups that repeatedly tell us vaccinated kids are among the sickest in the world.

Ambiguity is a keyword when contemplating research. Anyone can read or alter research data in any way to read anything they want if they are not properly checked and held to honest methods of data collection. Drug companies are rarely checked for research efficacy by the FDA. Oh, they get an occasional slap on the wrist now and then for media window dressing (the very media they own), but for the most part the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most unchecked, un-audited, free to do what-ever-they-please industries that has ever existed, second only to the Internal Revenue “Service.”

There’s a very old joke about research scientists who were hired by the “Legs Don’t Matter Company,” to discover what would happen to a fly if it had all of it’s legs surgically removed. Mr. Simon Swindel, CEO of the company, has been trying to convince people for years that his expensive walking machines, which do all the work for you, are far better than legs. Someone told him he needed more research on his side to better push his point, so he gave these researchers a big check from the LDM company, along with a strong handshake and a wink. The head researcher winked back and told Mr. Swindel to come back in one week.

So twelve researchers gathered around this poor little fly and began his demise. One researcher removed the first of his legs, and then yelled to the fly, “JUMP!” The fly did jump with very little difficulty. Everyone wrote down many notes. Then another researcher took off yet another leg, and yelled, “JUMP!” Somewhat more feebly but still okay, the fly again was able to jump. Everyone wrote down even more notes. Then a third researcher repeated the same procedure, removing one leg and yelling, “JUMP!” Again as before, the fly was able to jump. Well, this went on until the poor fly had only one leg left, and surprisingly enough he was able to jump with it. Then another researcher removed the final leg, and yelled, “JUMP!”

The fly did nothing.
Still, he did nothing.
Still, he did nothing.
Again, the fly did nothing.
Then all the researchers gathered together and yelled several
dozen times as loud as they could.

The result was the same, as the fly just lay there somberly.

So the researchers prepared an extensive report for the “Legs Don’t Matter Company,” and very excited about the results they called Mr. Swindel. With a big smile, Mr. Swindel returned, this time with several associates. Smiling at the chief researcher, he asked, “so, what did you find?”

The researcher replied, “well, it was quite fascinating. We have discovered that the basis of existence for your LDM Company is quite valid since our research shows that legs really don’t matter. When you remove all of a fly’s legs, he apparently goes stone deaf, since he no longer was able to hear our very loud commands. As a remedy for that, we researchers highly recommend that you expand your business into the sale of hearing aids with every walking machine.”

It is my fervent belief that this is the true nature of all pharmaceutical research today. With that in mind, let us dive into some more important quotes and facts you will never hear on the evening news.


“Our children face the possibility of death or serious long term adverse effects from mandated vaccination programs that aren’t necessary, or that have very limited benefits. “

Jane Orient, MD
Executive director of the Association of
American Physicians and Surgeons

“Infant vaccination creates a high risk factor for allergy and
asthma . . . .” This study found vaccinated populations of children
to have 23% more asthma and 30% more allergies when compared
to non-vaccinated children.

1997: New Zealand Journal of Medicine

This study showed that 11% of vaccinated children had asthma
and developed pertussis, as compared to 0.8% of unvaccinated children.

1994: Journal of the American Medical Association (hereinafter, JAMA)

This study showed that vaccinated children have 14 times
more asthma and 10 times more eczema when compared to nonvaccinated

2002: Thorax Medical Journal

Demonstrated that 26% of vaccinated children have asthma
as compared to 2% of non-vaccinated. 50% of vaccinated children
had allergies as compared to less than 1% of non-vaccinated.

2000: Feingold MD, Research group

The vitamin K shot routinely given at birth is 50 times the
normal adult dosage, besides being a synthetic chemical injected
directly into a newborn’s blood stream. Excess vitamin K is linked
to liver cancer and leukemia.

2001: Center for Science in the Public Interest

. . . and this is just what was reported. If you want true national figures for these damage rates I would multiply each figure by at least 20. The above figures account for 59% of the total reports. The reported death rate in this sample was 2%. Remember that underreporting vaccine damage is a huge problem in developing statistical truth. Death certificates do not record vaccines as the culprit of childhood demise and states underreport vaccine-related deaths by at least 100 times. If your child drops dead from a shot they received 20 minutes prior, the death certificate will state the child died of the disease he was vaccinated for, rather than the toxic shot he just received. According to a private Japanese study, under-reporting of vaccine damage to children was discovered to be over 500 times in England.

244,424 reports of vaccine damage to children included the following;
99,145 emergency room visits
5,149 life threatening reactions
27,925 hospitalizations
5,775 disabilities
5,309 deaths

2002: VAERS Report to federal government

“15% to 20% of American school children are considered
learning disabled with minimal brain damage directly caused by
vaccines. “

1990: Harris Coulter, Ph.D. Center for Empirical Medicine

98% of children with pertussis were vaccinated for the disease
in this study.

1998: JAMA

Discovered that pertussis outbreaks occurred in 100%
vaccinated populations.

1989: Morbidity and Mortality Report

80% of measles outbreaks occurred in vaccinated populations

1986: Morbidity and Mortality Report

“The increase in pertussis incidence is higher amongst vaccinated
populations than it is in non-vaccinated populations of all ages. “

2000: Danish Study

“There is substantial under reporting of pertussis irt the united
states. Pertussis occurs at a far greater rate now than before the
introduction of the vaccine. “

1988: JAMA

Out of 137 cases of childhood measles studied, 99% were
vaccinated for measles.

1987: Journal of Epidemiology

Since the onset of Hib vaccination programs in England,
incidence of infections has increased 4 fold. “The potential risk of
this vaccine far exceeds the potential benefits. “

1999: British Medical Journal

Incidence of this disease had declined by 92%, due to better
hygiene and public sanitation, long before the vaccine was created
between 1850 and 1900.

Regarding Tetanus

MMR vaccination programs this year created a tremendous
outbreak of spinal meningitis.

1990: New Zealand study

Brazilian meningitis outbreak was discovered to be created by
MMR vaccination programs.

2000: Journal of Epidemiology

“Nearly 90% of the total decline in mortality for scarlet fever,
diphtheria, whooping cough, and measles between 1860 and 1965
occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread
immunization. “

1976: Ivan Illich, Ph. D., from the book Medical Nemesis. Chapter 1-Bantam Books

To repeat again from chapter 6: With regards to all these old statistics used by the pharmaceutical companies in the 1950s and 1960s to “prove” vaccines wiped out the disease they were given for, the reader needs to understand as fundamental knowledge that all these early statistics from 1880 to 1965 showed a huge decline in disease incidence NOT due to the administration of any vaccine, but due to advancements at this time in sanitation and public hygiene; i.e., less crowding of living spaces, better nutritional education, cleaner running water, plumbing for bath, shower and human waste. A generalized increase in the quality of living conditions occurred at this time in the history of western civilization, and these early, very dirty pharmaceutical companies jumped in to take credit for the health these things produced, stating it was due to their products that humanity was now saved from the scourge of these diseases. Every time the medical cartel quotes an example of how great vaccination programs are, they will do so using a statistic from 1910 to 1930, stating that thousands of children were dying of the said diseases at this time. Whereas this is true, looking at any graph from 1880 to 1970 will show that 1910/1930 disease rates were already on a steep decline from the earlier years as public hygiene and sanitation industry grew.

Vaccination programs for the mass public were not introduced
until the mid 1950’s in all cases you research; not until the
tail end of the graph when the disease was decreased by over
90% from the beginning of the graph period
(usually beginning at 1880 to 1900).

When considering the psychological profile of the parents and grandparents from that time period between 1950 and 1970; the ones whose children (like me) received the prototypical dosages of mass vaccination, you can understand how easy they were fooled. Mostly all of them were traumatized from either the direct experience, memory, or story of some family member maimed, paralyzed, or killed from one of the dreaded diseases. Now here come these pharmaceutical representatives, fully understanding this psychological climate and taking full advantage of it’s effects on local and federal government officials. Far less people had any of these diseases, but fear of them still reined free and true. Now here come the saviors! Those altruistic and hard-working medical scientists, who will save society and quell your fears about these terrible things happening to you or your children. These early pharmaceutical representatives were nothing more than the progeny of snake oil salesman from the turn of the 20th century. You can just picture them there in the early days, standing on their soapboxes in the middle of the road; “Just one shot my good friends will give you all the protection and peace of mind you need! You don’t need to do anything else! We’ll take care of you and your family from this point forward!” Well, we all know how that “protection” truly worked out now, don’t we? More disease instead of less, as those very diseases were already fully declined. More heartache and loss with the birth of a generation of neurologically and brain-damaged children, directly caused by their “cures.”

The standard M.O. for disguising their fraud throughout these early years of mass vaccination horror, a practice which occurs still to this day in the 21st century, was to train doctors and other medical cartel representatives not to diagnose the said disease anymore after the vaccination programs were administered, even if the exact same symptoms showed up in medical offices after the shots were administered. If it looked like polio after the polio shot was given, it just couldn’t be polio anymore. It had to be something that a vaccine was not given for like spinal meningitis. If it looked like measles, it just couldn’t be anymore. It had to be an allergic rash of some form or another. This practice alone of manually altering statistics and reporting is responsible for much of the public confusion centered around mass vaccination programs today, and the sole reason they are still promoted as gospel.

Before the onset of mass vaccination programs, measles was already decreased by 98%, and pertussis by 99%. Scarlet fever, typhoid fever and pertussis were once major killers, yet no vaccine was produced for either scarlet fever or typhoid fever, and all three scourges declined to virtually zero before vaccination programs were promoted.

2002: Neil Z. Miller, from his book “Vaccines-are they really safe
and effective?”

To repeat again from chapter 6: Public officials always declare doom and gloom would be the result if vaccination programs were to stop. But experience tells us something different. Typically when pertussis vaccination is decreased in different parts of the world, as was done in 1981 by Sweden and the U.K., pertussis death rates actually dropped dramatically in both countries, with England reporting the lowest death rates in recorded history. More whooping cough was diagnosed in these areas during this period, however, and this is another fine example of how a promoted psychological climate from the medical cartel alters reality and creates a false sense of trouble favorable for their products. When it was introduced that pertussis vaccination programs would be decreased or eliminated as a test, medical and pharmaceutical cartel representatives spread panic by insisting doctors look for a probable whooping cough (same as pertussis) outbreak. Due to this panic, now every case of bronchitis and flu that enters into the doctors’ office suddenly becomes whooping cough. Due to the subjective nature of data recording in these instances, increases in any specific disease are virtually meaningless since you can’t be certain which problem you are actually talking about. In most cases throughout the world, doctors will refuse to diagnose a disease for which a person has been vaccinated. This political bias alone is enough to alter statistics persistently showing a false, yet favorable result for vaccines.

more facts

“This study investigates the hypothesis that febrile infectious childhood
diseases (FICD’s) are accociated with a lower cancer risk in
adulthood…. The study consistently revealed a lower cancer risk for
patients with a history of FICD. “

1998: HU Baker & J. Husler: Febrile infectious childhood diseases in
the history of cancer patients and matched controls: Medical

“The association between infectious diseases and cancer risk was
investigated. Those with carcinomas of the stomach, colon, rectum, breast
and ovary were interviewed. A history of common colds or gastroenteric
influenza prior to the interview was found to be associated with a
decreased cancer risk.”

1991: U Able, N Becker & R. Angerer: Common infections in the
history of cancer patients and controls: Journal of Cancer Research
and Clinical Oncology.

“Subjects who reported a history of infectious diseases like colds and
flus showed a 30% reduction in risk of brain tumors. “

1999: B Schlehoper, M Blettner, S. Preston-Martin. Role of medical
history in brain tumor development…. :Int. Journal of Cancer

“SV40 (monkey virus found in polio vaccines) is accociated
significantly with brain tumors, bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma,
and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. “

2003: RA Vilchez: American Journal of Medicine

“Most MMR studies are meaningless, investigator claims are useless.
There is some good research, but it is overwhelmed by the bad. The public has
been let down because proper studies on vaccinations have not been done. “

2002: Thomas Jefferson (no kidding!) MD. The Telegraph

“Smallpox would never had been the problem it was if the smallpox
vaccine was not invented and promoted. In populations where there
was no vaccine there was no smallpox. “

1999: Glen Dettman, MD medical researcher


I would like to conclude this chapter with a quote from a traumatized mother, taken from Barbara Fisher’s book; DPT, a Shot in the Dark. At the beginning of the chapter, I went over, however whimsically, the varying reasons why I am spending my valuable time writing this text. Primarily, I want to die knowing I did something with my life to prevent the confused and tormented Earth situations like this. I am now finished with my 5th update of this text and have waited till the last minute to place in this horrific letter, since it makes me physically ill and I can barely stand to listen to it.

“Death from vaccination is neither quick nor painless. I helplessly watched my daughter suffer an excruciatingly slow death as she screamed and arched her back in pain, while the vaccine assaulted her immature immune system. The poisons used as preservatives seeped through her tiny body, overwhelming her vital organs one by one until they collapsed. . . . my beautiful, innocent, infant daughter, … death by lethal injection. “

Christine C.’s daughter died
24 hours after receiving a DPT shot
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